For Serenity’s Heart – Extended Epilogue


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Two years later

Serenity shook her head at her husband who was trying as best as he could to get the guestroom ready. Serenity wanted to help, but every time she so much as moved, Jonas was grumbling about her not straining, sitting still, couldn’t be moving all over the place, and such silliness. She sat in the rocking chair watching the man carry the linens to and fro to get them into the room.

“Mama,” a little voice called, and a little boy came barreling out of the house. His chubby cheeks dimpled as he grinned up at her when he hit her legs finally.

Serenity beamed down at the boy, “Henry, what do you have on your face?”

“Sweet,” Henry said with glee.

Serenity stood up and rushed to the kitchen praying that she would not find what she expected to. Her breath came out as a sigh when she saw an icing-covered spoon laying in a kitchen chair. “Did you find the spoon, Henry?”

The little boy nodded eagerly and held out his hand towards the spoon that his mother had just picked up. He clenched and released his hand as if to enticing Serenity to give him the spoon back. Serenity clicked her tongue at the little boy and shook her head. “You’ll spoil your supper,” she said and then she smiled, “Come on, let’s go get you washed up, handsome.”

Jonas stopped and looked at her curiously. Serenity held up the sugary spoon. “Ah,” Jonas said, “I wondered where that had gotten off to.”

“Yes,” Serenity said in amusement.

Jonas followed her and said, “You know that I wouldn’t give him that before his supper.”

“Unless you wanted him occupied,” Serenity said pointedly. “Did you get the bed made?”

Jonas nodded, “Yes. Everything is ready for them.”

“Good,” Serenity said softly. “My parents haven’t seen Henry yet, so I want to make a good impression. Is that so much to ask?”

Jonas sighed and put his hand on Serenity’s shoulder. “Of course not, it’s just … you are in no condition to get yourself all—”

“If you say riled up one more time,” Serenity said as she definitely could feel herself getting all riled up. “I swear, Jonas, I am not a porcelain doll. You have to stop treating me like this.”

With a fretful frown, Jonas nodded, “I know, I know. I just worry.”

“I know,” Serenity said softly, and she gave her husband a kiss on the cheek. “Now, go get started to collect them from the railroad. The last thing I need is for them meeting Josiah and getting all confused from the get-go. Now, go on.”

Jonas nodded and started out the door. “I’ll send someone up here to sit with you,” he called back as he left the house.

Henry giggled at the groan that Serenity made. She gave the little boy a kiss on the top of his hair as she set about wiping his face and hands clean. Then she sat outside to await the arrival of her parents while Henry played in the yard with Bandit.

It was only a short time later that Katrina arrived with a grin on her face. “Master sent me up here to look after you,” she intoned with heavy satire.

“Joy,” Serenity said with a smile. “How goes married life at your house?”

Katrina shrugged, “Doing well in the valley. I am still trying to convince Violet that she’s with child, but the woman will not listen to me. It is not normal to eat raw turnips like that.”

Serenity made a horrified face, and Katrina nodded. “Well, as long as life in the valley goes well, then I guess we are all set.”

“Nervous about your parents, huh?” Katrina asked with a grin.

Serenity declared, “Yes! I can’t believe that I’m really going to see them again. I just can’t quite accept it as real until they walk in that door.”

“It has been two full years,” Katrina said as Henry came running over. “Hey there, Big Man,” she cooed to the little boy. “Are you excited to see your grandparents?”

Henry gave Katrina a confused look, and Serenity laughed, “I don’t think he quite understands what a grandparent is. He is excited to meet the new baby, though.” Serenity patted her round stomach.

Henry screamed in glee, “Baby!”

Katrina and Serenity both laughed at the little boy’s antics. “I’m ready to meet the little one too,” Katrina said with a grin.

“Speaking of little ones,” Serenity asked pointedly as she had done for the last year or so. “Weren’t you supposed to have the next baby?”

Katrina scoffed, “Who can get a baby in edgewise around here with you and now Violet?”

“It’ll happen,” Serenity said with certainty. “You will be a wonderful mother.”

Katrina took a deep breath and said, “I hope I am. I’ve dreamed of having kids of my own as long as … well, forever.”

“Me too,” Serenity said with a sigh. “I am just sorry that I haven’t been much help down at the orphanage, what with the new ones arriving from the next county over.”

Katrina grinned. “Oh, you don’t have to fret about that. I love those kids, and besides, I don’t think your husband is one to be messed with when it comes to his beloved wife and her pregnancies.”

“You don’t have to tell me.” Serenity shook her head. “That man is the most protective person this side of Mississippi River, perhaps in the whole world.”

Katrina whispered, “Wait until Violet starts showing. Josiah is going to be a terror.”

Serenity gave a look of mock horror, and the women dissolved into giggles. “He probably will be,” Serenity said when she could finally breathe again without laughing. “Doesn’t seem like they’ve been going to town a long time?”

“It always seems like a long time,” Katrina said with a smile.


Jonas walked up the steps to the railroad station and gave the attendant a nod of his head. Josiah whispered, “Just relax.”

“You’ve done this before; would you like to tell me how I do that?” Jonas knew that Josiah did not deserve his anger, but he could do little to squash down the anxiety he had at not only leaving his pregnant wife but also bringing in two people that may cause her more stress. “How did I ever let her talk me into this?”

“Serenity is right, Jonas. These people deserve to know their grandkids,” Josiah said with a smile. He put his hand on Jonas’ shoulder. “I know that you are nervous for her, but you have to respect her wishes.”

Jonas said with a nod, “I know that. It doesn’t mean that I have to like it.”

The train whistle in the distance made Josiah shift and look around. “Well, that looks to be the right train,” Josiah said. “Do you think she told them that we are twins?”

Jonas looked over at his brother and chuckled. “I think they’ll figure it out if she didn’t,” he said with a shake of his head

The train came to a halt with a bellow of dust. Jonas and Josiah put their arms over their faces. When the dust settled, the passengers began disembarking, and there was a brief moment where Jonas hoped that perhaps the couple had decided to just not come, but then he felt awful for even having thought such a thing.

Josiah took a deep breath. “Not that many people getting off here,” he said. “That’s them, you think?”

“Looks like,” Jonas said as he sighed. He straightened his shirt and walked towards the couple who had set their bags down. As soon as the woman spotted Jonas walking toward them, she motioned to her husband excitedly. “Mr and Mrs Bishop?” Jonas asked hesitantly.

The man nodded, “Indeed. You must be Mr Jacob?” He held out his hand to Jonas.

Jonas took Mr Bishop’s hand in a firm handshake. “It’s nice to meet you both,” he said. He cleared his throat as Josiah came up beside him. “This is my twin brother, Josiah,” Jonas said as he introduced Josiah with a wave of his hand. “These are Serenity’s parents,” Jonas said politely.

Josiah gave them a smile. “We’ve heard a lot about you,” he said.

Mr and Mrs Bishop shared a look. Mrs Bishop said quietly, “I do hope that we can put the past behind us.”

Jonas nodded. “I’m sure that’s what Serenity would like more than anything. She’s waiting to meet you at the house. I didn’t feel the journey was really best for her in her condition,” Jonas said as he picked up some of the couple’s bags.

Josiah grabbed the other bags and said, “Please follow us. We’ve parked just down the street.”

“Of course,” Mr Bishop said as he followed the young men. He gave his wife an encouraging smile.

The trip back to the ranch was filled with mostly Josiah filling the couple in on the ranch where Serenity now resided. Jonas spoke when he found something useful to say, but Josiah was really better at talking to people, so he let his brother take the spotlight.

“Do you both live on the ranch?” Mrs Bishop asked curiously.

Josiah acknowledged from his seat in the back of the wagon, “Of course. I live in the main house with my wife, Violet. My sister and her husband live in what was once the guesthouse.”

“Serenity and I live up the hills a little in what was once my father’s old hunting cabin,” Jonas added.

Mr Bishop nodded. “Yes, I do recall a letter from Serenity saying that you were adding onto your father’s cabin.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jonas said with a smile. “We’ve added onto the house a lot since we moved in a couple of years ago.”

When they pulled up into the yard, Violet greeted them with a wave as she came out onto the front porch. “Well, you must be Serenity’s parents,” she said with a smile. “We’re awfully happy to see you two and hope you’ll be part of the family.”

Josiah hopped off the wagon. “Well, this is my stop. You all have a safe trip up the trail.”

“It was nice to meet you,” Mrs Bishop said politely to Josiah. “And this is your wife?”

Josiah said proudly, “Yes, Ma’am. This is my Violet.” Josiah put his arm around the petite woman’s shoulders, and Violet leaned into him happily.

“It’s nice to meet ya, as well,” Violet said to Mrs Bishop.

Jonas cleared his throat. “We better get going so that Katrina can get back down the hills before it gets dark,” he said pointedly.

Josiah gave the couple one last wave and his brother a smile before he guided his wife back towards the house. Jonas turned the wagon towards the hill trail and gave the reins a bit of a snap. “So, it’ll take a bit to get up the trail. I would suggest a nap, but I doubt you’ll get much rest with the bumps.”

Mr Bishop chuckled. “I don’t think I can sleep regardless.”

Mrs Bishop, despite her husband’s words began to yawn and stretch. She laid her head against her husband’s shoulder and soon the woman’s breath came out in soft puffs. Mr Bishop looked down at his wife affectionately. Then he glanced over at Jonas.

“You must think horribly of us,” Mr Bishop said softly. “Truthfully, it wasn’t my wife’s fault. It was mine. A fault of pride that’s what my sin was. I thought I knew better, that I knew what would make Serenity happy despite all her protests.” The man sighed, “I thought she was just young. My wife begged me to listen to her, but I put my foot down.”

Jonas nodded slowly, “I guess before we had Henry, I probably wouldn’t have understood that, but I think I do now.”

“I just hope she can forgive her mother. I don’t really deserve it,” Mr Bishop said quietly. He cleared his throat. “When Parson Lucas came to us beside himself with worry because Winston had gone off after Serenity, we began to see what sort of man Winston actually was. Before that, I had no idea that he was that way.”

Mrs Bishop stirred, and the men grew silent. The woman rubbed her eyes and looked at the two men. “What were you talking about that suddenly you are so quiet?”

Jonas chuckled, “You do sound a lot like Serenity. She is as sharp as a tack. I never can put anything over on her, not for long anyway.”

“That’s my girl,” Mr Bishop said with a smile. Mrs Bishop too ventured a smile. “Is that your cabin there?”

Jonas nodded. “Yes. You can just see the fire pit that Serenity likes to use at night from here. She sits on the porch and watches the fireflies,” Jonas said quietly.

Mrs Bishop asked worriedly, “You said before that she was in no condition to ride to town. Is she not well?”

“She’s well enough,” Jonas said thoughtfully. “She’s just very round with the baby, and she tires easily.”

Mrs Bishop smiled and put her hand on Jonas’ arm. “You are overprotective just like this one,” she said with an affectionate smile at her husband.

“I really don’t think I’m that overprotective,” Mr Bishop denied, but he had to shelve the discussion for later as they pulled up to the cabin a few moments afterwards.

Serenity and Katrina stood up. “Mama, Daddy,” Serenity said softly as the couple got out of the wagon.

Mrs Bishop took off across the yard, and Katrina helped Serenity down off the porch as the women hurried towards each other. When they met in the middle, they threw their arms around each other. Mrs Bishop held her daughter to her as Serenity mumbled nonsense into her mother’s shoulder. Mrs Bishop soothed her daughter by stroking her hair, “It’s okay, baby. We are the ones who need to be saying their apologies, not you. You did what you thought was right.”

“But so did you and Daddy,” Serenity said. “I know that I probably didn’t make it easy for you.”

Mr Bishop protested, “Nonsense. You were a perfect child. I think that was the issue. When you put your foot down, well, I just didn’t know how to take it. I chose poorly, and for that I am sorry.”

“You chose as well as you could,” Serenity said. “I tried to convey to you what I thought of Winston and the kind of man he was. I wish I had tried harder and not just pretended to go along with it.”

Mrs Bishop said soothingly, “I imagine we all feel we could have done more. I know I do, but right now I think it’s time we get you off your feet. Now, where is this wild grandson of mine?”

Serenity laughed and nodded. “He’s in the house. He and Bandit decided that inside was much more fun. Come on in.”

“Bandit?” Mr Bishop asked curiously.

Katrina said, “Oh, he’s their dog. I’m Katrina Pritchard, by the way.”

“Oh sorry, Kat,” Jonas said as he shook his head. “This is my sister, Katrina, Mr Bishop.”

Mr Bishop nodded. “Now I’ve met everyone except your husband,” the man said happily.

“I’m afraid you might not see David on this trip. He is out on the trails right now, and they aren’t due back in until next week,” Katrina said with a sad smile. “I’m sure he’ll be upset that he missed the excitement. Well, it’s getting pretty dark, and I still have to go all the way down the hill.”

Mr Bishop said, “Are you certain that you’ll be all right?”

Jonas chuckled, “Trust me she is just as good at riding as I am.”

“I’d say better,” Katrina said with a grin. “I’m leaving, Serenity!” Katrina called over to the house.

Serenity poked her head back out the door. “Be safe and tell Violet that I said eating raw turnips isn’t normal,” she called over to Katrina.

Katrina grinned and gave Jonas a wave as she climbed up onto the wagon. “See you tomorrow or whenever,” she said with a shrug.

Jonas nodded and waved goodbye to the girl as she turned her horse around to leave. “I imagine the horses will be glad to see their stalls tonight,” Jonas remarked with a chuckle.

“I imagine so,” Mr Bishop said.

Jonas motioned with his head towards the house. “Serenity made a cake, and trust me, you’ll want some of it,” he assured the man.

“Her mother makes very good cakes as well,” Mr Bishop said in a pleased tone as he followed Jonas towards the cabin. As they passed through the door of the cabin, Mr Bishop remarked, “This cabin really is crafted remarkably well, Mr Jacob.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jonas said with a nod. He patted the logs that made up the exterior wall of the front porch. “My pa cut and milled all this wood. He loved working with his hands.”

Mr Bishop asked curiously, “Was your father a carpenter or a rancher?”

“Out here, everyone is a bit of everything,” Jonas said with a smile at the man.


“He’s so beautiful,” Mrs Bishop said as she sat looking at her grandson adoringly.

Serenity smiled at her mother and then her son. “He’s just a bit shy. I’m sure he’ll warm up to you. He hasn’t really had any grandparents before this, with Jonas’ parents being gone. He’s got lots of aunts and uncles, though.”

“It’s good to have a family,” Mrs Bishop said with a nod. “We never had that much for you, and I regret that, but it was hardly something we could help I suppose. We hoped that the church would make up for it a bit, but I guess we were wrong there too.”

“No, not at all,” Serenity said as she sat at the kitchen table with her mother. “I loved the church and all the charity work that I did. That orphanage was my life as much as anything else. Those kids were my whole world.”

Mrs Bishop sighed, “And we made you leave all that.”

“That’s neither here nor there, Mama. I may not have that, but I have an orphanage here. This place never even had an orphanage until Jonas built one for them. We’re really helping here,” Serenity said as she reached her hand across the kitchen table.

Mrs Bishop smiled and took Serenity’s hand in hers that she clasped around Serenity like a lifeline. “I’m so glad to hear that you have your life’s work here. I can’t imagine you not doing your part for the community,” she said quietly.

They sat for a moment before Henry interrupted them. “Cake,” he yelled.

Serenity laughed and said, “I think we should probably eat supper first, Henry.” The little boy pouted up at her. “You’ll get cake. You just have to eat your food first.”

Jonas called from the door, “I guess we came in right on time. I swear I heard someone say food.”

Serenity smiled at the man. “You heard correctly. Help me get the table set.”

“I’ll help Jonas get the table ready. You just rest,” Mrs Bishop said as she stood up. Jonas shrugged at Serenity who just sighed and sat back down.

Mr Bishop went over to where Henry was playing with Bandit on the floor. “Hey there, buddy,” he said with a smile. “What are you playing?”

“Throw,” Henry called as he chucked a stick across the floor. Bandit raced after it, slid into a chair, but ultimately got the stick and brought it back to the two-year-old. Bandit dropped the stick on the floor in front of Henry who clapped enthusiastically for the dog.

Mr Bishop chuckled, “What a clever dog.”

“He’ll fetch almost anything, except for birds when you shoot them,” Jonas said with a chuckle.

Mr Bishop frowned. “Why won’t he fetch birds?”

Serenity smiled and confided, “Bandit doesn’t like killing things, and he won’t touch anything that’s dead either.”

Mr Bishop shook his head. “No wonder he ended up as your dog,” he said to Serenity.


The next day, Serenity’s parents were roused up bright and early by an eager Henry. “Pancake!” the child yelled for all to hear continuously.

“Sorry about the early wake-up,” Serenity said with a grin at her parents. “There’s coffee though, and pancakes as Henry probably gave away.”

Mrs Bishop smiled affectionately at the child. “Will we get to see the ranch today?” she asked as she sat down near her grandson who was already devouring a pancake.

“Yes, we can indeed. I have the run of the wagon today. Jonas has already fed and gotten the team hooked up,” Serenity said with a smile.

“Where is Mr Jacob?” Mr Bishop asked as he stifled another yawn.

Serenity smiled. “Oh, he’s been out for a couple of hours. Jonas is used to the trails and early mornings. He likes to get things done before lunch,” she explained.

“My, you all certainly do keep early hours,” Mrs Bishop said softly. “Do we have time to eat?”

Serenity assured her mother with a laugh, “You have all the time in the world.”

When everyone had eaten and gotten dressed, Serenity led the way outside to the wagon. Henry was eager to get down the hill and raced toward the wagon. Mr Bishop helped the child into the backseat where Mrs Bishop opted to sit down with Henry. Serenity stepped up onto the seat and pulled the wagon reins.

“I can’t say that I’ve ever seen you drive a wagon,” Mr Bishop said curiously to his daughter.

Serenity shrugged, “Out here, everyone does a bit of everything. It’s how we get by.” Serenity snapped the reins and soon the team was ambling down the hill at a good rate. The trip down always seemed to take considerably less time to Serenity.

The valley floor came swiftly up to meet them, and soon they were rolling towards the main house where Serenity pulled the team to a stop. “Mrs Jacob,” Charles called out as he hurried over to help Serenity down from the wagon.

“Charlie!” Henry called out with his hands in the air.

Charles made a big show of lifting the tyke up and setting him down. “I do believe that you gained a few pounds since the last time I saw you, young man,” he said with a deep chuckle.

“I ate pancakes,” Henry said with a giggle.

Charles nodded and chuckled again. “That’ll do it,” he said as he ruffled the little boy’s hair. “Uh, this must be your parents, Serenity?”

“Yes,” Serenity said to Charles. “Mama, Daddy, this is Charles. He’s one of our lead men. Usually, you find him out on the trails, but he opted to stay home this time.”

Mr Bishop shook the man’s hand. “I am very glad to get a chance to meet you. It’s so interesting this life that my daughter has. I hardly seem to know anything about her anymore,” he said earnestly.

“She’s pretty much what you see is what you get that one,” Charles said affectionately. “I do hope you enjoy your stay, but I have to get back to work.”

Mr and Mrs Bishop nodded that they understood as Charles gave Serenity and Henry a wave. Serenity said, “Come on, Henry. What do you want to show Granny and Grandpa first?”

“Play!” Henry yelled and raced off down one of the dirt roads.

Mrs Bishop looked alarmed, but Serenity assured her, “He’s fine. He’s just headed towards the orphanage. We can walk there.”

As they walked, Mr Bishop commented, “This ranch appears quite large.”

“It’s several hundred acres, I think.” Serenity shrugged. “I don’t even know for sure. You’d have to ask one of the boys or Kat to find out for sure.”

“It seems such a big task, especially with an orphanage on top of it,” Mrs Bishop said softly.

Serenity shrugged as they walked. She was glad for the cooler weather. Her girth would have kept her in the bed if it had been summer time. “That’s what family is for,” she said with a shake of her head.

“Speaking of … there’s Kat,” Serenity said as she picked up her hand and waved at the woman.

Kat saw them and waved back. She walked towards the fence and opened the gate to let Serenity and her parents through. “Welcome to the Cottonwood’s own little orphanage. We don’t have many children with us, but the ones we do are those that really need us,” Katrina said as she looked around at the four children running and playing with Henry.

“Mrs Pritchard, can we go swing on the tree?” a little boy with red hair asked Katrina as he tugged on her skirt.

Katrina nodded. “Of course, just stay where I can see you.”

The children all took off at a run towards the old oak that had housed an ancient swing from the Jacobs’ children’s childhood. Now there was a new swing that Jonas and Josiah had helped put up for the children to play on. “I do wish I could spend more time here,” Serenity said wistfully.

“You’ll have plenty of chance while I have my little ones,” Katrina reminded Serenity. “It’s give and take after all.”

Mrs Bishop asked eagerly, “Are you with a child too?”

“No,” Katrina said sadly, but then she put on a bright smile. “I will one day though, and Serenity will be there for me when I need her.”

Serenity nodded and smiled, “Of course I will. What is family for after all?”

Henry came running back over to Serenity. “Swim!”

“It’s a bit cool for swimming, but we can show your grandparents the stream,” Serenity said affectionately. She raised her hand and waved at Katrina who waved back as she went to see what the children by the tree were up to.

The rest of the morning found Serenity and Henry showing Mr and Mrs Bishop around as much of the ranch as Serenity could muster the strength for. By lunch, Serenity was exhausted and sipping cool, sweet tea in Violet’s kitchen.

“I do think that Henry already had them wrapped around his little finger,” Violet said with a smile that went all the way up to her tear-brimmed eyes.

Serenity sighed at Violet, “I really think you might be pregnant.”

“Because I’m a bit weepy?” Violet asked as she wiped her eyes.

Serenity sighed, “No, but you have to admit that you’ve been acting a bit weird.”

“This is just you and Katrina trying to push your baby nonsense onto me,” Violet said as she crossed her arms. “So, what if you are right? I mean … Katrina is supposed to be next.”

Serenity giggled. “Darling, I don’t think that’s how it works. Have you told Josiah, yet?”

“I thought I might wait until after your parents left,” Violet said as she gave a shaky laugh.

There was a gentle breeze blowing in from outside and carried with it the sound of Henry laughing and her parents’ pleased laughter as well. Henry was showing them the chickens. Serenity shook her head and eyed the woman across the table from her.

“I’ll support you no matter what, but I know that Josiah is going to be so happy that you’ll never get him to shut up,” Serenity said with a grin.

Violet laughed and said, “Maybe that’s the problem.”

“Do you miss your dad?” Serenity asked as she looked out the window at her own parents.

Violet shook her head. “No. My kids are better off with just tales of woe than the man himself. It’s just … what if I end up like him?”

“You won’t, you couldn’t,” Serenity said honestly as she reached across the table to grasp her sister-in-law’s hand. “You are the hardest working person that I have ever known, Violet. You are not your father.”

Violet took a deep breath and said, “Thanks. I do feel a bit better.”

“It’s hard to overcome something like that, but you’ve got us,” Serenity assured Violet who gave her a smile.


Henry quickly grew enamoured with his grandparents as Serenity had assured her mother that he would. He became so ardently attached to them that Serenity feared for when they left. Mrs Bishop approached Serenity a few days before they were scheduled to head back to New York.

“Can I speak with you a moment?” she asked quietly as Serenity sat keeping an eye on some biscuits she had placed in the oven.

Serenity waved her mother towards a chair in the kitchen across from her. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine,” Mrs Bishop assured Serenity. “You have such a lovely family and community here, Serenity. It is more than I even dared dream for you.”

Serenity nodded. “I do love it here,” she said honestly. “I can’t even imagine being anywhere else.”

Mrs Bishop smiled and reached her hand across the table. Serenity grabbed her mother’s hand, and the woman gave her a squeeze. “We were fully prepared to try and talk you into going home if that were the right decision, but it wasn’t. We saw as soon as we arrived how protective everyone was of you, of our grandchildren.” Mrs Bishop smiled. “You found a wonderful place here. So wonderful that your father and I are actually talking about moving out here to be a bit closer to our grandchildren. We’d get a place in town probably, or at least closer to town.”

“You want to move here?” Serenity asked in amazement. She knew her family was amazing people, but to convince her big city parents that they too needed to move here because of their love and support was more than Serenity had ever dared imagine.

Mrs Bishop smiled at her daughter. “We won’t if you don’t want us to, but we would like to in the future. It’ll take some time to get the estates and such sorted back home–”

Serenity interrupted her mother with a hug so unexpected and warm that she could do nothing but just embrace it. Serenity wiped tears from her eyes and nodded. “We’d be happy to welcome you home,” Serenity said softly as she released her mother.

Life had taken its twists and turns, but Serenity looked up to see Jonas watching them from the doorway with a smile on his face. He gave her a nod to say that he already knew, and she just smiled back at her husband. They were home, they were finally all home.


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