A Match Made in the West – Extended Epilogue


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“I am so excited for you!” Kaitlin gushed as she gave Olivia a fierce hug.

“Thanks,” Olivia took a deep breath, putting her hand over her stomach as if she needed to calm the butterflies that were fluttering around. “I am so nervous.”

Kaitlin stepped back from her friend. “Let me look at you.”

It was Olivia’s wedding day. Mike had officially asked her to marry him a few months ago, and Kaitlin had been ecstatic for her friend. Olivia had made her wedding dress, choosing an off-white silk fabric that looked great against her olive skin and dark hair. Kaitlin picked up the lace veil Miss Lucy had made for her and arranged it over Olivia’s dark curls. A string of pearls hung around her neck, compliments of Miss Laura, who allowed Olivia to borrow them for the occasion.

“Mike is going to be speechless when he sees how beautiful you are.”

Olivia sighed, but she smiled her thanks. “I am so afraid something is going to happen to stop the wedding.”

“Oh, you are just so used to having roadblocks in your relationship with Mike, you are afraid to trust that The Sisters and I are doing everything to make sure your wedding will be perfect,” Kaitlin replied, speaking of Miss Lucy and Miss Laura, two spinster sisters who owned a boardinghouse in Poppy Valley and where Olivia had lived for the last year.

Mike had gotten cold feet after everything that had happened with the outlaws and had struggled with the idea of starting a family with Olivia, especially when a deputy in White Creek had been killed trying to protect his town. He hadn’t felt it was fair to expect Olivia to marry a man who had such a dangerous job.

It had taken Robert and Kaitlin a few months to convince Mike that Olivia was a strong woman and could handle anything that came her way. Once Olivia realized what Mike was thinking, she echoed their thoughts. Robert pointed out that nothing bad had happened in all of his years as sheriff in Poppy Valley until the outlaws caused their problems. He promised to hire a few more deputies, and do things a bit differently to keep everyone safe.

Kaitlin also knew there were a few other problems Mike had to work through with Olivia, issues that she wasn’t aware of, but all of that was now in the past.

Olivia tried to smile, but failed. “Can you check to see if the ceremony will start on time?”

Kaitlin wanted to protest, but she also knew her friend needed the reassurance, so she nodded and left the room. She carefully walked down the stairs of the boarding house, doing her best to keep her balance. She was expecting her baby any day now and couldn’t move very fast. Once both feet were firmly on the first floor, she made her way to the parlor where Robert, Carrie, Beth, and Tommy waited. Mike was also there, pacing back and forth in front of the hearth. Nathan stood near the large window, looking outside, at what Kaitlin couldn’t guess. Miss Lucy was keeping preacher Davis entertained. Kaitlin couldn’t see Miss Laura anywhere, but she knew the elderly woman was in the kitchen making sure the refreshments would be ready to be served the moment the wedding was over.

Robert jumped to his feet when he saw Kaitlin. “Is Olivia ready?” He gave a nod toward their friend. “Mike isn’t going to make it if he has to wait much longer,” he joked, a twinkle in his eyes.

“Yes. Nathan, Olivia is ready for you.”

Nathan whirled around and grinned. “Great. Let’s get this ceremony over with.” He hurried from the parlor, taking the stairs two at a time.

“I’m glad that Nathan was able to make it for the wedding,” Kaitlin commented as she sat down next to Robert. He had begun working as a deputy for Robert about a month ago. He had planned to travel from New York almost six months ago but had been delayed for reasons he refused to tell anyone, so Kaitlin wasn’t sure what had kept him from coming. But he was here now, and that was what mattered. She knew Olivia would have hated to get married without her brother’s presence.

“Are you feeling alright?” Robert asked as he gently laid a hand on her bulging stomach.

“Yes.” She sighed, knowing that he was going to continue to ask that question every few hours until the baby finally decided to make its appearance. “I’m glad that we were able to get our house finished and this wedding over with before the birth.”

Less than a minute later, Nathan entered the room with Olivia at his side. He led her to Mike and placed his sister’s hand in the groom’s. He leaned forward to give Olivia a kiss on her cheek before sitting down. Miss Laura rushed in at the last minute, her face flushed from the heat of the kitchen.

“Is everyone here?” Preacher Davis asked. When they all nodded, he smiled. “Then let’s begin the ceremony.”

Kaitlin tried to pay attention to Preacher Davis’ words as he began to give Olivia and Mike advice on how to have a happy marriage, but her mind began to think about everything that had happened since her trip with Robert and the twins to San Francisco.

True to Robert’s word, almost from the moment they arrived back in town, he moved forward with the new plans they had made on the stagecoach. Less than a month later, he had purchased the land he wanted with the money he had made from arresting the five outlaws. A few weeks after that, Robert hired some men who started building their home.

The land was far enough from Poppy Valley that Kaitlin couldn’t just walk there in a few minutes from town, but it was close enough that once they were living there, it would only take Robert a few minutes on horseback to get to the sheriff’s office. He encouraged Kaitlin to help design the house, and as it slowly took shape, she felt like she was seeing her dream home. And it was now finished, and they were ready to move their belongings after Olivia and Mike’s wedding.

The house had two stories, with four rooms on the second floor and a small room that would be used to take baths. The first floor had the kitchen, a dining room, a small room Robert planned to use as an office, and the parlor where Kaitlin knew she would spend much of her time. The outside had been painted a pretty light blue with white trim. It had a wraparound porch with two rocking chairs already in place to relax in.

Carrie opted to not move in with them and planned to move in with one of her friends whose husband had passed on a few months earlier. Kaitlin felt a bit sad that Robert’s mother wouldn’t be living with them, but she understood that Carrie desired her independence.

Once this wedding was over, Olivia and Mike were going to move into the house Kaitlin and Robert used, with the agreement of the mayor since the town owned the home.

“I now pronounce you man and wife,” Preacher Davis announced. “You may now kiss the bride.”

Kaitlin jerked to the present as she realized that she had missed the entire ceremony as she thought about everything that had happened over the last six months. As Mike eagerly kissed his bride, she felt a gentle kiss on her cheek and smiled at her husband.

“Finally,” Tommy whispered to Beth. “The preacher talked a long time.”

Beth nodded her agreement. “I didn’t know it took so long to get married.”

Kaitlin exchanged an amused glance with Robert before he stood up and then held out his hand to help her. She put her hand in his, and as he started to pull her to her feet, she gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Robert asked with concern.

She put her other hand over her bulging stomach. “I just felt a twinge. I’m okay.”

She tried to give him a reassuring smile, but inside she felt concerned. She had been feeling these twinges for the last two days, but they did seem to be getting stronger. She had assumed they were false labor pains. She had two more weeks before the baby was due, after all. She said a small prayer that the baby would stay tucked in her warm womb until after the wedding celebration was over. She didn’t want to take away any happiness from Olivia and Mike.

Robert studied her for a long moment. “You’ll let me know if you need something, right?”

“Of course,” She did her best to smile brightly so he wouldn’t feel concerned. She hurried toward Olivia and Mike as fast as she was able to, anyway, and gave them each a hug.

“Congratulations,” she told them.

“Thanks,” Olivia smiled. Mike kept an arm around her, and Kaitlin was able to see that her friend was no longer nervous, and was happy that she was now a married woman.

“We have refreshments ready to be enjoyed in the dining area,” Miss Lucy announced.

The small wedding group moved in the direction Miss Lucy indicated. Over the next hour, Kaitlin did her best to keep a smile on her face, but the twinges were beginning to get stronger and were happening only a few minutes apart. She neglected to notice that Carrie was keeping a sharp eye on her.

“Are you feeling alright?”

Kaitlin didn’t answer right away, mainly because she was trying to act like all was well, as she felt another twinge.

“I think that you are in labor, young lady,” Carrie announced. She spoke loud enough that everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her.

Olivia was the first to break the silence. “You’re in labor, Kaitlin? Why didn’t you say so?”

“I don’t think I am. I’ve been having these twinges and….”

“Twinges that are getting stronger and closer together?” Carrie asked with a knowing smile.

She stared at her mother-in-law for a moment. “I guess I thought if I was in labor, I’d be in a lot of pain.”

“Oh, don’t worry. That will come soon enough,” Carrie said before looking at Robert. “I think that you had better get your wife home.”

“I don’t think we need to leave right yet. I don’t want to mess up Olivia’s wedding,” Kaitlin protested. “I’m sure that I have plenty of time…” she paused as she felt a pop and then a surge of water puddled around her feet. “Oh, no.” She closed her eyes, feeling so embarrassed. Why couldn’t this have happened in a few hours when she would have been home?

Miss Laura began to bustle around, gathering towels and rags to clean up the water. Miss Lucy frowned at her. “You aren’t going anywhere. We have an empty room, now that Olivia is married. You can use that room.”

“For what?” she held her breath again as she felt another twinge that was definitely now a labor pain.

“To have your baby, of course,” Miss Lucy said. “Robert, help your wife upstairs.”

Kaitlin decided to not argue as Robert swept her into his arms. A few minutes later, she was settled in the bed, wearing one of Miss Laura’s nightgowns. Nathan had gone for Doctor Martin. Carrie took the twins back to the house for the rest of the day. Kaitlin found out later that Olivia and Mike postponed their wedding trip they had planned to the Grand Canyon until after the baby was born.

The next few hours seemed to pass very slowly, and sped by quickly, all at the same time. Doctor Martin arrived, announced that things were progressing nicely, and then left Miss Lucy behind to watch over Kaitlin while he enjoyed a cup of tea and some of the wedding refreshments that hadn’t gotten eaten. Miss Laura made sure there was water boiling at all times and kept coming into the room to make sure Kaitlin was alright. But what she remembered the most was that Robert stayed by her side the entire time, even when Doctor Martin encouraged him to go and take a long walk.

“Men aren’t meant to be in the birthing room,” the doctor said when Robert refused to leave her side.

“You are a man, and you’ll be here, assisting with the birth. I’m going to be here, too,” Robert said firmly enough that the doctor didn’t dare argue with him.

It was in the early morning hours when Kaitlin gave a final push, and her baby slipped into the world. She leaned back against the pillows and gave a tired smile. “It’s over.”

“Yes, it is. You did wonderfully,” Robert told her as he put another cool cloth on her forehead.

“What is it?” she asked as she tried to lean forward, and the baby began to cry in earnest. The doctor held the baby upside down and gave it a light swat on its small behind before wrapping it in a blanket Miss Lucy had ready for the occasion.

She gasped at the doctor. “Why did you hit the baby?”

“Just a small tap. It helps clear the baby’s lungs,” Doctor Martin explained.

Miss Lucy gently placed the baby in Kaitlin’s arms a moment later, and love for this new little one instantly flooded her heart. She gazed at the baby until Robert cleared his throat. “We still don’t know what it is.”

Dr. Martin laughed. “That’s right. I didn’t announce that, did I? Just wrapped her up tight. You have a sweet little girl.”

“A girl,” Kaitlin breathed with delight. “Beth is going to be happy.”

Robert seemed equally thrilled as he gazed at their new daughter. A moment later, Kaitlin began to feel pressure again. “Is there something wrong?”

Dr. Martin shook his head. “You are just finishing expelling the last of the birth. It will be all over in a moment.”

Sure enough, a few minutes later, she was cleaned up, with Miss Lucy’s help, and then settled in a clean bed with a fresh nightgown, her daughter at her side.

Dr. Martin left, along with the sisters, leaving her alone with Robert. Kaitlin felt so tired, it was all she could do to keep her eyes open, but she wanted to name their daughter before falling asleep.

“What shall we call her?” Kaitlin asked softly. They had talked about different names over the last few months, but now none of them felt right for this baby.

Robert seemed to feel the same. “I’m thinking of a name that we haven’t talked about.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Jessica Olivia.”

Kaitlin thought for a moment. Jessica was definitely not one of the names they had discussed if they had a girl, but she liked it. They had decided that they’d use Olivia for a middle name. “I like it.” She looked at her daughter and gave her a kiss on her forehead. “Welcome, Jessica Olivia Agnew.”

Those were the last words she said before she fell into a deep sleep. Miss Lucy woke her a few hours later, holding Jessica in her arms. “Your daughter is hungry, my dear.”

“Oh,” Kaitlin instantly was wide awake as Miss Lucy placed Jessica in her arms. And she enjoyed the next hour with her daughter as they figured out how nursing worked, together.


Two days later, Kaitlin felt well enough to insist she be taken home. Olivia and Mike had left for their wedding trip, and she knew the sisters had someone ready and waiting to use the room she had given birth in. They refused to allow her to pay them, so she wanted to vacate it as soon as possible.

Besides, she was ready to be home with her family. Robert hadn’t allowed the twins to come by to see their new sister since he felt like the introductions should be made in their home. Kaitlin missed Tommy and Beth and wanted to see them again. Robert arrived that morning right on schedule. It took a while to make her way to the buggy with Jessica in her arms. Miss Lucy and Miss Laura suddenly had a lot of last-minute advice to give her about caring for a young baby. She breathed a sigh of relief when Robert was finally able to guide the buggy down the street, the sisters waving goodbye behind them.

“I’m glad I can go home. I do appreciate that I was able to use their room the last few days, but honestly, Lucy and Laura are exhausting,” Kaitlin said with a laugh. A moment later, she frowned when Robert didn’t turn the buggy toward their house. “Where are we going? Because I don’t think I’m up to a buggy ride.”

“You’ll like this ride,” Robert promised. She bit her lip to keep from protesting again. Just the short walk down the stairs of the boarding house and to the buggy had tired her, and besides, sitting on the buggy bench was a bit…painful. But she noticed that Robert looked mighty pleased with himself as he flashed a grin at her, so she sat back and decided to let him have his fun.

They made their way out of town, and she soon suspected where they were heading to. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Robert parked the buggy in front of their new home.

“Welcome home, Mrs. Agnew,” Robert said as he jumped out of the buggy with a flourish before carefully helping her out.

Kaitlin still wasn’t sure what was going on, so she didn’t say anything. One second later, the screen door opened, and two children burst through like a whirlwind.

“You’re home!” Beth shouted as she clamored down the porch stairs.

“Where is the baby? I want to see her,” Tommy announced as they ran toward them.

“Do you like our surprise? Pa said it’s a surprise.”

“Can we tell her now, Pa?”

The twins talked over each other in their eagerness. Robert laughed. “Let’s let your ma get into the house. I’m sure she’ll figure out the surprise in a minute.”

When Kaitlin stepped inside, she gasped with delight. All of their belongings were in the house. A new sofa set sat in the parlor, along with flowery curtains. The dining room had the kitchen table and chairs, and the kitchen itself was well stocked with food, ready to be cooked and prepared. Chicken soup sat in a pot on the stove, simmering. She walked from room to room and marveled at how wonderful her new home looked.

“How did you get everything here?” she finally asked.

“Everyone helped,” Robert explained. “Even a few neighbors. When people found out you had the baby, and what I wanted to do, everyone pitched in.”

“Everything looks wonderful.” She gave Robert a quick kiss on his cheek. “Thank you.”

“You are mighty welcome, ma’am,” Robert drawled in a voice that sent a tingle through her body.

“Can we see our sister now?” Beth asked.

Kaitlin laughed. “Of course.”

The next few minutes were spent introducing Jessica to her big brother and sister. Their interest in the sleeping baby diminished when they noticed that Jessica stayed sound asleep, and they soon ran outside to play.

“This is a great surprise,” Kailin said when they were alone again. “I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to moving our belongings so soon after giving birth.”

“Ma was able to guess where you might want things, but we can move them wherever you want. Are you hungry?”

Kaitlin nodded, and Robert disappeared into the kitchen. She stayed where she was and looked out of the window. Contentment settled over her as she watched as Tommy and Beth played a game of tag in the yard. She was living an almost perfect life, all because she answered an ad from the most handsome sheriff in the country.


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